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2017, November 23 - 2:38pm

Editor-in-Chief – Professor Marcin Pliński

Editorial Chief – MSc. Grzegorz Kozłowski

Editorial Secretary – Dr. Anna Dziubińska

tel: +48 58 523 6612, fax: +48 58 523 6612

e-mail: ohs@ug.edu.pl

Website: http://www.editorialmanager.com/oandhs/mainpage.html

Editorial services:

  • All articles are peer-reviewed by experts from around the world
  • High-quality language correction services for authors whose first language is not English
  • Fast review and editing processes
  • Worldwide dissemination and accessibility of articles


  • The journal is open to contributions on all matters concerning the water environment, thus providing readers with a wide spectrum of topics in every issue.
  • Articles written by both early-career and more experienced scientists are published together, so that their work is mutually complementary, and readers are provided with a sound basis for comparison of different approaches to a given issue.
  • The Journal is open to young scientists with fresh or polemical views on a given subject matter, provides them with significant support, and juxtaposes their knowledge and experience with scientifically mature publications written by acclaimed specialists.